Alternate low and High no-carb diet

Cycling between several low or no-carb diet followed by a single high-carb day can be an effective way to shed unwanted kilos – with weight loss results evident in as little as two weeks. A dieting method that forces the body to use fat for burning fuel as opposed to using carbohydrates and muscle tissue for energy. Eating carbs every few hours gets your body’s engines revving.


When you take those carbs away, the body’s engine still keeps on revving along for a few days but it goes into shock from the lack of carbs and instead eats into your fat stores for energy.

Then you slip in another high-carb day to reignite the fuel, and the body’s metabolism goes even faster.


When you cut carbs altogether you would not only lose fat but all your hard-earned muscle at the same time. With low-carb fad diets, they promise quick results but with health it better be a lifestyle change and a long-term commitment.

Carb cycling is a great way to manipulate your body to come close to starvation mode but never to dip into it. It also stimulates the production of hormones responsible for fat loss.

Source: Herald Sun (Australia)