About diete

Well known Diet Programs don’t work as well as they promise…
There are plenty of reasons.
One thing is for sure:

—> What you need is to be better prepared if you want to increase your chances to succeed.

—> Why?

You might already read about it. In summary…

There is a shocking fact about diet programs: 75-85% of successful participants into well known diet programs actually regain their weight the next 2 to 5 years.

Wait! There is worst.

In the accounted of having succeeded are included those that loss 5-10% of their weight!!! I don’t know about you, but someone loosing 5%, is it what you imagine? Is this what you expect of someone coming out ¨successfully ¨ of the one of the well-known weight loss programs? If he/she was at 240 lbs and now weight 228 lbs does it sound like that person has achieved his/her objective?

The problem is not that these programs don’t work if you follow them religiously. If you do, they do. But if you fall back on your old habits right after, the end result is not what you were looking for.

Also, They never talk much about how many starts but quit. But here is what I could get from a study 3 years ago in U.K. Source: DailyMail.

These are amazing facts that will not surprise you much if you already tried dieting a couple of times already. Here they are:

  • One in three women started a slimming regime between the ages of 15 and 20.
  • The average age for a first diet is 26 years.
  • A third of women have actually put weight on during a diet: an average weight gain of 3.9lbs!
  • ¨Most women give up diets after five weeks, two days and 43 minutes ¨
    • Only 13% stick to a diet for 13 weeks or more.
    • 19% succumb after a month.
    • 16% give up after two weeks.
    • 8% only after a week.
  • A little more stats:
    • A typical women dieter will go on a diet 2.7 times a year.
    • 12% will slim up to five times in a year!

That you could have read anywhere else on the Internet. 
They all say the same and just say their program is the one that work.

Here are some whys nobody talks about and what you can do about it.
This is not an alternate solution.
This is to help you succeed when you will try these weight loss programs.

So many quit.

Even those capable of trying it seriously, reaches a point, when everything seems to be going well, they start forgetting why. There is a party, a business trip, holidays, unusual day, etc. There are so many things that can disturb your well-planned diet. Then you trip, make a small mistake or drop your plan for a day. You find yourself falling of track. You do it a second time. Then the urgency seems less necessary, your motivation drops. Recovering from that will probably not happen.

Then, you start thinking that you are not very good. It was fun at the beginning because it was new and you felt excited. But now that you well know what it implies, the fun is gone. So your motivation is lower, the urgency unclear.

The next step becomes how do I get out of this without loosing too much face and make a fool of yourself. You start to share those stats that most fail, it cost a lot, the food is tasteless, on and on. And you start tell yourself you will try again when the timing is better…

You just quit. 

—> Why is it so difficult?

What get the dieters derailing is often their family members, partner and female friends. Because they challenge them, don’t support them as much that the dieter expected.

Counter productive things they do include eating food they don’t like, eating alone and going to bed early and other self-beating actions.

And it must be admitted that the diet programs are difficult. They need high self-motivated individuals. They are also asking a lot of changes in your habits. The underlined assumption is that you can replace one food with another as easily as just simply buying it.

It isn’t based on you

It doesn’t take into account that this chocolate you were having is your preferred treat since 32 years!!! That chocolate isn’t just chocolate to you. It is your comfort food and much more. The desert you have to cut is the one you share with your family and best friends. When you are having it also is a personal moment you feel closed to your love ones. For those experts, sitting in an office far away, it is easy to suggest you just have to replace it with something else. Yeah! Right!

I could fill this page with dozens of examples and stories of what relations and links many foods we have with.

How many of us use food to compensate for something. If you are having a cake with milk to sit in front of your television or facebook, alone, because you are alone, it will be very difficult to learn to get the same comfort with a carrot or celery.

—> What to do about it?

It might come as a surprise to you but you can easily do a lot.

There is plenty of good information in those diet programs. There are also a lot of techniques that can help you. And you know a lot too!

You very well know that 2 muffins, a full bowl of ice cream and 2L of Coke with a chocolate bar everyday doesn’t help. Knowing what you shouldn’t do is not a problem.

If that is the case you may wonder, what should I do then?

You will be a little disappointed. The first thing to do is nothing. The first important step is to understand what is really happening and what is the real objective. You need to change what you are looking for. You want to loose 60 pounds you are saying? Really? Is that what you want?

I am sorry to tell you that I don’t buy that answer. If it were true, you could have only one meal a day for about 40 days and suffer, risk being sick, but in the end you would probably loose that 60 pounds. So, the fact is that you have a long list of conditions. There are even reasons you will not share with anyone.

Consequently, if you really want to do something for the long run about it you will have to accept that you will have to do something much more complicated than what it looks like. It will take much more time than you think and will have a lot more consequences that you think.

(If you feel disappointed because it sounds like it will take a lot of time, don’t be. We have a surprise for you on the next page. It is not because it is a long process to become your best that you cannot get massive results in the short term. It is quite the contrary…)

Do you accept that? If you do, you can do it starting on the right foot this time.
And amazingly, you might get initial results very quickly if you follow a real plan.

In summary,

If you really want to succeed, you will have to do a lot more than you think. It will have a lot more consequences than what you might be ready for. The amazing other side of the coin is … if you do accept to do more and accept the consequences…
it will be easy to do. 

I know it sounds like a contradiction. But it isn’t. You may accomplish very important results that look impressive, one step at a time. That you know is true.

As an example, can you build a house? Why not? It doesn’t matter that you know nothing about it. With the right training, the appropriate plan, the right tools, materials, coaching, supervision, one step at a time, etc. you could. The main difference going through all this might take you 3 years instead of 3 months for an experienced entrepreneur. But it is doable.

Then, does ¨re-building your body ¨ sounds so impossible now? The question is, are you an experienced entrepreneur of weight loss?

You need a new plan, the right training, the right tools, coaching and supervision…

Does that make sense? If you are serious and ready, follow the 3 steps, explained on the next page.