Montignac Diet

The Montignac Diet aims to improve the effects of food on your health.

The Montignac diet favor a diet rich in fiber, lean protein from fish and poultry. It uses healthy fats such as olive oil.

The main stage of the Montignac diet is to eliminate possible concentrated sugars.

To help achieve this, Montignac offer a list of foods in the order of their glycerol index. That is to say the amount of sugar (or glucose) found in the blood after eating.

The reason is that high levels of sugar in the blood causes significant insulin secretion from the pancreas in order to restore balance. This insulin helps the body to store the sugar in the cells as fat!

The controversial aspect of this plan is the recommendation to avoid consuming at the same time lipids (fats) and carbohydrates (sugars). For example, avoid eating meat (fat) with pasta (sugars).

It is assume that it quickly lead to overproduction of insulin. That will lead to store the fat of the meat and the sugar instead of making them available as calories.

This aspect of the method is not unanimous or a significant benefit of the method.